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"Come X !"
"The Gliwensbourg's chronicles"
"Hit the road !"
"What's he hiding?"
(comics trailer)
(serie trailer)
(animation soundtrack)
(serie scene)
"Apology" (short film soundtrack)
"Another Hero" (web/TV serie)
soundtrack making of
"Immersion Millau"

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documentary, landscape
"Plastic beach" (trailer cha-cha ;)
"Maybe one day" (trailer scoring..)
"Unattaignable" (trailer, electro..)
Imaginative Music 2017
"Curious fairy" (strange waltz, anime...)
"Children Memories" (fantasy, anime...)
"Burning sky" (ost, main theme..)
"Walk by the sea (accordeon, folk...)
"Earth's crumbling" (S.O.S...)
"Ice trap" (elec.guitar, ambient...)
"White Sun" (guitar, world...)
"Mad world" (fear and sadness...)
"My Half " (love song in 7 time...)
"The invisible thief" (funny, jazzy...)
"Flower cry" (dreamy, sensual...)
"Apology" (drama, fantastic short film)
"Black Christmas" (orchestral, strange...)
"Another Hero" (orchestral, action, emotional...)
JPM equipement (groovy, product demo)
"Save the future !" (orchestral, rock, electro...)
"Move up for your life" & "Symbiosys" (punchy, electro...)
images: Astragale Production
composer soundtrack serie score scoring orchestral drama fantastic b.o. cubase eastwest hollywood strings brass native instruments film musique de film short film ost videogame serie ivory2 piano roland vsynth korg sv1 moog minitaur kurzweil studiologic kurzweil pc2r ensoniq ts10 guitar rig5 yamaha audiovisuel spectacle theatre cinema piano pianiste musicien clavier creation musicale sonore sound design compositeur videogamemusic ost anime animation hammond sk1 filmmusic